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Emotional Rescue Body Lotion

A little tube of calm in a crazy mixed up world.

Harnessing the therapeutic benefits of New Zealand flower essences into a unique range of natural hand and body lotions that will nourish and care for your entire body. The use of flower essences is a truly ancient and powerful healing method from history into a new philosophy of skin care that has been over looked until now.

Our key ingredients are flower essences which vary in each body lotion thus the therapeutic benefit changes from lotion to lotion.

Each Emotional Rescue body lotion is formulated into a nourishing non-greasy anti-stress natural body lotion.

Our Emotional Rescue anti-stress body lotion is absorbed into your skin to help transform dry skin and soothe itchy skin, while supporting the nervous system of the skin, mind and body, easing stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Use daily for the best results, also helpful in reducing the inflammation of eczema and contact dermatitis.

Get your little tube of calm today, you´re skin will love you for it.

Our body lotions are paraben and sulphate free products.